Wood Species

For over 40 years Rojahn has been widely recognized for excellence in cabinet design, material selection construction and finishes.  Much of our success is due to the many hand steps completed by our experienced craftspeople, using only the finest materials and woodworking skills.  The result is the preparation of the highest quality cabinetry and finishes available.

The process begins with the wood selection.  Only the finest woods are selected to ensure superior quality in the manufacturing of your Rojahn custom cabinet.  Below is a sample of commonly used wood species.  However, your custom cabinetry can be made out of any available wood species of your choice.

White Birch

This wood is hard and serviceable with very little grain definition. Like Maple, it is best finished in lighter colors and, in fact, it is sometimes difficult to distinguish from Maple.

Red Oak

A versatile hardwood that has a pronounced open grain and a reddish color. Red Oak is very popular for cabinet construction because it wears well and is reasonably priced.


A dense, tough, coarse-textured wood with white sapwood and reddish-brown heartwood. The color and graining patterns will have variations from black to brown in the heartwood to yellow in the sapwood. Certain stains will amplify this effect. The finished look of a hickory kitchen is usually described as “Rustic”, “Wild”, or “Natural”.


Ash is grayish-brown in color and is usually left natural or lightly colored with a white grain filling.


This softwood is most recognizable to everyone. Its rustic appearance results in a casual look that many people like and prefer. A word of caution–this wood does not wear as well as the hardwoods


Hard Maple is a heavy, straight-grained wood with a fine texture. The sapwood is white and selected for its light color.


Durable, moderately-strong hardwood with reddish-brown hue, straight grain, & fine texture. Cherry may have brown flecks, gum pockets, and pin holes. Cherry darkens with age and exposure to light.