Maximize Your Storage

Here at Rojahn, we are always looking for new and unique ways to customize  your cabinets while maximizing your storage and making your project personal.  Here are a few unique storage solutions we designed for recent Rojahn Customers.

Hidden Spice Pull Out: When you’re cramped for space, every ½” counts! This custom spice pull out only measures 4” wide but offers a lot of spice storage


Hidden Knife Block: Storing knives can take up a lot of space and also be tricky when there are children around. This hidden knife block is a great way to get your knives off the countertop and hidden from everyday cabinets.


Hidden dog bowl drawer – made with laminate top for easy clean up! Customer specified what size dog bowl was needed and we took  it from there!


Hidden Step Stool Drawer:  Perfect addition for a family with small children.  Complete with heavy duty glides rated at 200 lbs, these could be used in a children’s bathroom or around the island when you need a little help baking cookies.  The great thing is, all our inserts is they can be modified down the road once all the kids are grown.